[LON-CAPA-admin] studentID changes

Guy Albertelli II guy at albertelli.com
Thu Nov 17 16:54:36 EST 2005

Hi Nathan,

> 1. I was concerned with messing with data in an actual class for  
> students that are currently enrolled.  If this is a safe option I  
> will do it.

As Todd said username is the 'important' piece of info.

> I am confused, though, as to how the students' ID is different  
> depending on which class I'm checking.  Wouldn't the studentID be  
> tied to the username, regardless of which class he/she is enrolled in?

The problem is the data is stored in a 3 places and it is
failing to update itself everywhere properly.

1) the student's record stores there id
2) there is a mapping db from id -> username
3) the course's classlist file maintains a copy of the id number
   (so that things are faster)

You idea for updating the users fixed 1 and 2 but #3 still needs
updating and right now can only be done by uploading the classlist to
the indiviual courses.

I'm not sure how one could easily cause each classlist to update
without slowing the whole process down...

Thus I wrote this just now:


ran fine on my testserver and our backup version of the main server.

guy at albertelli.com   0-7-2-0-27,137

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