[LON-CAPA-admin] Adding Access servers

lucasm at ohiou.edu lucasm at ohiou.edu
Wed Mar 30 11:36:19 EST 2005

I use mrtg and a simple script to monitor how many id files there are at 
any one time on each of my systems. I can then visually check the systems 
on the web.

If people are interested, I can point them to what you'd need.


 On Wed, 30 Mar 2005, Nathan Schoenack wrote:

> >We, have not yet tried the DNS roundrobin yet ,but merey tell the students
> to
> >always log in on any one of our 3 access servers.  We don't tell them about
> >the library server.
> Supposedly, our guy on campus said our network cannot handle round-robin DNS
> entries...I still don't believe him.  What we've done is say, "if you're in
> phys212, log into proteus, if you're in phys 251 log into triton, etc."  I
> don't mention the library server either.
> I would be interested in how effective this crudest of load balancing
> techniques really is.  Does anyone out there know how to check on the number
> of logins each access server has authenticated in the last week? month?
> semester?
> Nathan
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