[LON-CAPA-admin] Adding Access servers

Ray Batchelor batchelo at sfu.ca
Wed Mar 30 09:49:52 EST 2005

It's useful to hear how others have handled this.
Thanks Mark.

We, have not yet tried the DNS roundrobin yet ,but merey tell the students to 
always log in on any one of our 3 access servers.  We don't tell them about 
the library server.

Yes, one server tends to get more attention than the others.

But you are presumably aware of the file
which contains a list of servers to which sessions are off-loaded when the 
pre-set lonLoadLim parameter is exceeded.
This will prevent serious overloading.
I believe the lonLoadLim parameter was one of the things you would have 
responded  to when you installed.
Its in 
We currently set our t a value of 4.0
Note that off-loading only happens from access servers, (as an author would 
not want to be off-loaded from the library server).  
Off-loading only happens at the time of the initial login and not during a 


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