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I'm not sure if I'm using these correctly or not.  The ones I got aren't 
exactly for production machines (non LON-CAPA)but LON-CAPA is probably 
"production".  We got a couple licenses for short term use (a couple of 
months) for some student projects that needed RH Enterprise, not fedora 
and I've been looking into transferring the licenses to a couple of 
servers that have development work on them but not really "production" 
work.  I guess I need to look into that a bit closer.

Thanks for the info.  I may have read or understood the information 
incorrectly but my case kind of falls into a gray area.  May have to 
talk to Red Hat.

Lynn Thorp


You might want to be careful about the fine print. These prices are for
students or faculty for the own personal systems. In other places they
differentiate between non-production campus subscriptions and production
subscriptions. I don't know if we can get away with the $50 variety for
our servers or not.

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