[LON-CAPA-admin] Fedora v. Enterprise Linux (good price on enterprise)

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Mon Jul 18 14:37:26 EDT 2005


You might want to be careful about the fine print. These prices are for 
students or faculty for the own personal systems. In other places they
differentiate between non-production campus subscriptions and production 
subscriptions. I don't know if we can get away with the $50 variety for 
our servers or not.


On Mon, 18 Jul 2005, Lynn Thorp wrote:

> Red Hat Enterprise has some academic pricing that is very good. $50/year 
> subscription for server and $25/year for desktop.
> http://www.redhat.com/solutions/industries/education/indiv/
> Lynn Thorp
> This might not get to the right thread.  My "new" (we just have ndsu.edu, not 
> ndsu.nodak.edu now) e-mail address wasn't registered yet and the e-mail got 
> rejected so I'm reposting after I resubscribed.
> Peter Kovac wrote:
>> Greetings~
>>    The good news about future Suse packages/installers got me thinking.  As 
> dangerous as that is, I'd also like to make a possibly inflamatory 
> suggestion: I think LON-CAPA needs to replace Fedora with an Enterprise Linux 
> distribution as its development base.
>>    I don't want to start a "my distro is better than yours" flamewar.  I 
> do, however, think that for L-C to grow and become more marketable, L-C 
> *needs* an "Enterprise" base.  Consider the following points:
>>    - Fedora has a 6-month release cycle
>>    - L-C has required new versions of the base O/S for Fedora upgrades at 
> least 3 times since the Fedora project start, including for v.2
>>    - Fedora is a non enterprise-supported, community O/S with no real 
> corporate backing
>>    - Some versions of Fedora have also been plagued by release bugs.
>>    The kind of people that make large-scale IT decisions don't like to see 
> that kind of thing.  From previous discussions with developers, providing 
> generic packages for L-C is a fairly difficult and time-consuming task given 
> the current setup (filesystem structure, etc).  For a stop-gap, I think 
> producing a RHEL-equivalent package/installer would be a very good step.
>>    RHEL-equivalent O/S's descend from the same source as Fedora, hopefully 
> making the transition easier.  More importantly, RHEL has a seven-year life 
> cycle, significant market penetration, a good reputation, and the possibility 
> of purchased, enterprise-grade support.  RHEL has also become a de facto 
> compatability standard.
>>    Those features, of course, cost money.  However, RedHat makes SRPM's (*) 
> freely available out of the kindness of their heart (oh, and the GPL).  This 
> means that there are several excellent free and reliable projects based on 
> RHEL that would provide a nice base for small users without the expensive, 
> customized support options.  Centos [ http://www.centos.org/ ] (popular 
> community project, base of such things as the ROCKS cluster distribution - 
> http://rocksclusters.org/ ) and Scientific Linux [ http://scientificlinux.org 
> ] (produced by Fermilab and CERN) are both excellent options.  Having a 
> RHEL-equivalent installation package will make L-C much more palatable to MIS 
> types and people managing large groups of machines.
>>    Just my $.02.  And yes, if the summer continues to be slow and people 
> agree with me, I'm willing to work on the transition.  ;-)
>>    -P
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