[LON-CAPA-admin] Auto-enrollment - updating class roster

Stuart Peter Raeburn raeburn at msu.edu
Thu Jan 20 18:11:59 EST 2005

Hi Hon-Kie, 

Thinking some more about this ..... 

This type of behavior is expected if you have a course for which the last 
access date for students has been set to be before the last enrollment date. 
Each time it runs Autoenroll.pl checks the auto-enrollment window, and if 
the current date falls between start and end enrollment dates it will 
proceed with adds and/or drops for the course.  It will report successful 
enrollment for any students which it adds; students to be added are those 
that appear in the institutional list but who are not "Active" or "Future" 
students (according to the LON-CAPA classlist).  So if the last access date 
has already passed it will add all the registered students (because they are 
neither active nor future students) each time it runs.  The solution is 
simply to change the last auto-enrollment date or the default last access 
date for students in the course, so that the last auto-enrollment date does 
not occur after the last access date. 


H. K. Ng writes: 

> Hi Stuart, 
> At 11:55 AM 1/10/2005, you wrote:
>> Hi Hon-Kie,
>> It is not expected that a Domain Coordinator would want to turn off this 
>> type of logging.
>> Some questions:
>> Is there actually a user in the fsu domain with username 1234?
> I should have said user xxxx, not 1234 - an fsu user. 
>> Are the students who should be enrolled in the course which is generating 
>> this log message actually enrolled (each with the correct username)?
> Yes, and they get re-enrolled everytime the cron job runs. 
>> Does ENRL -> Automated Enrollment Manager -> "View students and change 
>> type" show the enrollment type as "auto"?
> Yes - the word auto is bold. 
>> The "Existing fsu user $username enrolled successfully" message is 
>> written to the auto-enrollment log whenever a user who already has an 
>> account in your LON-CAPA domain, is auto-enrolled in a course.  This 
>> should occur only once for a specific user in a specific course. 
>> Afterwards, whenever the cron job runs, the Enrollment::update_LC() 
>> should see that that user is in the LON-CAPA classlist and not try to 
>> repeat the enrollment.
> That is what I see for the other courses but for this one course, every 
> student gets the message 
> Existing fsu user xxxx enrolled successfully. 
>> If you are seeing this for every student in a single course, I would 
>> recommend looking at the temporary XML file being generated for this 
>> course when the cron job runs autoenroll.  As the temporary files are 
>> removed after the autoenroll process completes you will need to modify 
>> the fetch_enrollment() function in your custom 
>> /home/httpd/lib/perl/localenroll.pm file to preserve a copy of the XML 
>> file in a different location (from the expected location in 
>> /home/httpd/perl/tmp), so you can take a look at it.  The fact that the 
>> username is always 1234 suggests that your fetch_enrollment routine may 
>> be building an XML file with a record in for each student with an 
>> erroneous username (1234).
> I will try to do this during a quite time - Friday morning. I will let you 
> know if I find something funny. 
> Thanks,
> -hk 
>> Please let me know what you find out.
>> Stuart Raeburn
>> MSU LON-CAPA support/development 
>> H. K. Ng writes:
>>> In the autoenrollment log, one of the courses has the message
>>> Existing fsu user 1234 enrolled successfully
>>> for ALL the students in that course every time the cron job runs. It 
>>> only does this for that course and none of the other courses. I checked 
>>> the settings for the course and cannot find any place where I turn this 
>>> off.
>>> Thanks,
>>> -hk

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