[LON-CAPA-admin] Max "simultaneous" logins?

Gerd Kortemeyer korte at lite.msu.edu
Thu Feb 26 22:58:36 EST 2004

Hi Todd,

There is no hard limit on simultaneous logins.

Regarding server load, please check out


- that is a very comparable machine to yours, only that it uses a 
separate library server. At 120 simultaneous logins, it has a load of 
1.4, which is far less than what we would consider 100 percent.

If you could let me know the exact days and times that this happened, I 
can have a look at the logs on the monitoring server to see what the 
actual load on your machine was.

The logs you might want to analyze on your machine are


to see what might have happened.

- Gerd.

On Feb 26, 2004, at 10:42 PM, Todd Ruskell wrote:

> Hi,
> Are there any benchmarks regarding how many "simultaneous" logins a
> server should be able to deal with?  We've got a class where 
> essentially
> 3 rounds of 30 students each log in to loncapa and do the same quick
> problem or two, all within about 10 minutes.  The instructor reports
> that during this time several students are able to log in, but when 
> they
> choose the course, they receive a "unable to load course map, please 
> try
> again later" message.  We have a single library server with dual 3GHz
> Xeons and 4GB ram. I've tried poking in the logs, but unfortunately 
> many
> of them don't seem to have timestamps, so I am having difficulty with
> direct correlations.
> Any suggestions of things to look for or try?
> Thanks,
> Todd
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