[LON-CAPA-admin] change username

Lars Jensen jensen at physics.unr.edu
Tue Feb 3 16:37:09 EST 2004

Hi Mark,

On Tue, 3 Feb 2004 lucasm at ohiou.edu wrote:

> Lars,
> The username is the fundamental database entry. It defines a directory by
> that name under which all of the student entries are filed.
> I'm not sure how many other places the username is cross-referenced, so
> I'm not sure what would happen if you created a new student and then moved
> all the information. (I can hear Gerd and Guy screaming in pain as I
> type this 8) )
> Most certainly, the classlist will need to have one student removed and
> the other added. There are probably a number of other places that the
> username gets tucked away.
> Hmm ... The randomization for a student will also change.
> Is this a middle of the quarter change?

No - I just wanted to get a newly registered student going before I get
the "official" username from the college. My plan was to make up a
username and change it when I get the official one.


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