[LON-CAPA-admin] Re: upgrading

Matthew Brian Hall hallmat3 at msu.edu
Thu Dec 16 15:38:56 EST 2004

Hi Hon-Kie, 

>>> Separate question: Has anyone install oracle 9.2.0 on Fedora Core 2? I 
>>> am having trouble getting it to work - more to do with DBD-Oracle not 
>>> wanting to install properly.
>> I've seen questions like this come by the DBI-Users mailing list 
>> http://dbi.perl.org/support/
> From the listing, one that is similar to my problem has the following 
> answer from the author of DBD-Oracle: 
>       The kinds of errors you're seeing look very odd. 
>       I suggest you upgrade to 5.8.6 and rebuild perl (or perhaps build
>      a new perl and install it somewhere else). Ideally without threading
>       enabled. 
> So questions.
> 1. Is it safe to upgrade to perl 5.8.6? Currently, it is 5.8.3.

I'm not sure what you mean by "Safe".  If this is a LON-CAPA server, I don't 
understand why you'd be installing Oracle and in fact I would advise against 
doing.  It is possible you would need to recompile some or all of the 
LON-CAPA dependencies. 

> 2. How does one rebuild perl?

I have never needed to do this.  I believe it is briefly describe in "Perl 
In a Nutshell".  I would look on freshrpms.net or the dag repository for a 
newer version of perl before attempting it. 


Matthew Hall           hallmat3 at msu.edu
LON-CAPA developer
Michigan State University

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