[LON-CAPA-admin] jpg vs JPG

Nathan Schoenack nathan.schoenack at ndsu.nodak.edu
Wed Nov 26 11:40:57 EST 2003

	I am noticing some peculiar behavior when I display uploaded course
documents.  One of our professors uploaded his class notes as .JPG files
(not lowercase '.jpg').  When I view them through my browser from the NAV
menu, the files are larger than the desktop.  When I view them from the DOCS
menu, the images auto-size to fit my browser.
	Initially I assumed it was a browser issue, but I also notice that if he
renames the file from the "Main Course Documents" page, the name is
unchanged in the "Navigate Contents".
	For the previous 4 chapters worth of notes that either he or I uploaded,
all the file extensions were .jpg (lowercase); we see none of this behavior
with those files.  It seems that simply renaming these files isn't doing the
	I thought I'd just log on to the server, find the files and rename them.
But, I'm not having much luck finding the file directly.  One thing i did
notice in trying to find the file on the server was that the address to the
file from NAV page is different than the address when in the DOCS page.
(There's an extra "/adm/wrapper" in the address from the NAV page)
	Does anyone have any light to shed on this behavior, or any suggestions to
fix it?

	Nathan Schoenack
	NDSU Physics

ps. maybe this is an ADMIN question...I wasn't sure where to post it.

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