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lucasm at ohiou.edu lucasm at ohiou.edu
Tue Nov 18 11:14:56 EST 2003


Okay, guys, what's the 'simple' mode for getting out the percentage of 

The spreadsheet is looking at 9 seconds per student for 240 students. 
That happens. 

In chart, we can select score  and all assignments and get a html 
page, but the score sums are left off the cvs output, and the excel output 
is crashing.

We can output the score and total for each assignment and then build it 
ourselves in a spreadsheet.

Is there a simpler, quicker scheme to get name, earned points, and total 
available points in a single csv file? 

On an aside, can time savings be made with the spreadsheet if a default 
sheet is created that is stripped down to the absolute minimum amount of 
stuff? What is the main time sink in the spreadsheet?


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