[LON-CAPA-admin] Couple of Error questions

Mark Lucas lucas at lucas.phy.ohiou.edu
Tue Nov 18 09:37:02 EST 2003

We had a few students complaining about access to the system last night. 
Maybe not any more than normal, but it was the last assignment, and they 
seem to be more vocal about it.

I've got two questions about things I'm seeing in logs:

- What does the following mean in terms of ramifications? This is on our
access server. The authoritative copy resides on our library server.
I'm getting a fairly large number of such errors in the log.
Will the student still see the resource?

 Tue Nov 18 09:04:07 2003 (26747): Subscribe returned 
not_found: /home/httpd/html/res/ohiou/p200/201/Fall2002/exams/fina

[Sun Nov 16 14:55:16 2003] [error] access to 
/home/httpd/html/res/ohiou/p250/253/Fall2003/Section2.pdf failed for 132.2
35.239.106, reason: Cookie js138902_1069004397_ohiou_oucapa2 not valid

Can someone remind me what the student can do to mess up their cookie 
within a single session? This is happening a LOT.

When this happens, they should? shut down their browser? just go back to 
the login page?


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