[LON-CAPA-admin] LON-CAPA and RedHat Support

Matthew Brian Hall hallmat3 at pilot.msu.edu
Tue Nov 4 14:27:28 EST 2003


Red Hat will cease support for Red Hat 7.3 in December of this year.  Futher
support for the other free versions of their distributions will cease by
April of 2004.  Support for Red Hat's free distributions will be taken over
by the developer community as the company focuses on its for-pay distribution,
Red Hat Enterprise Linux.  The community supported version of what would
have been Red Hat 10 is called 'Fedora' (http://www.fedora.us).

Currently the LON-CAPA development team provides support for installation on
RedHat 7.3.  During this month an installation process will be developed for
Fedora in anticipation of the changes detailed above.  This installation will
be based on Apache 1.3.27+ and mod-perl 1.26+, not Apache 2 and mod-perl 2.

We hope to offer support for selected distributions in the future.  If you
have a preference of distributions, please let us know.  We believe support
for Red Hat Enterprise Linux will be possible without a great deal of
effort on our part, however our committment is still to keeping LON-CAPA as
free as possible.

Matthew Hall           LON-CAPA developer         hallmat3 at msu.edu
123 North Kedzie Hall                    Michigan State University

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