[LON-CAPA-admin] Re: Changing Course code

H. K. Ng ng at martech.fsu.edu
Wed Dec 17 13:30:05 EST 2003

Thanks for the detail answer. Here is another one. Can we set the default 
for each student NOT to have the remote? I realized this is not what 
automatic enrollment is about. - hk

At 01:13 PM 12/17/03 -0500, you wrote:
>Thank you for your e-mail. You have identified the one final piece that 
>could usefully be added to the automated enrollment manager - namely an 
>interface for use by the domain coordinator to change the following on a 
>course-by-course basis:
>(a) course code
>(b) default authentication scheme for auto-enrolled students in cases 
>where the institutional classlist data (in XML) generated for the class by 
>localenroll::fetch_enrollment does not include specific authentication 
>type (e.g., krb4) and authentication parameter (e.g., MSU.EDU).
>(c) course owner (in cases where your institution requires "course owner" 
>to match "instructor of record" if localenroll::fetch_enrollment is to 
>succeed in the retrieval of data from your institution's student 
>information system).
>In addition to supporting cases where these settings have changed 
>following initial course creation, this mechanism is also required if the 
>automated enrollment function is to be used for courses created using the 
>course creator interface available in v. 1.0 (and earlier) where setting 
>of automated enrollment parameters is not supported.
>I expecting to be working on this automated enrollment interface item this 
>Stuart Raeburn
>Division of Science & Math Education,
>Michigan State University, East Lansing MI USA
>H. K. Ng writes:
>>Is there a way to change the course code or to add the course code after 
>>the course is created? Thanks, - hk
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