[LON-CAPA-admin] Changing student ids

Todd Ruskell truskell at mines.edu
Tue Dec 16 15:57:14 EST 2003


For Fall 2003, our campus was still using SSN as primary identifier for
students, so we have a bunch of users with SSN as their ID/Student
Number in LON-CAPA.  Starting in Jan 2004, this is going away, and now
we all have 8-digit campus ids as the primary identifier.  So, we need
to make the change in LON-CAPA, too.

In, when a Domain Coordinator does a "CUSR", there is no longer
an option to view/change the ID/Student Number.
I seem to remember being able to do this with 1.0.*  But, even if I
could do this, I wouldn't want to.  I only have about 400 students in
the system so far, but that's still too many to do by hand.

So here's the 3 questions:  
1) How can I get a list of everyone on the system, and their
corresponding current ID/Student Number?

2) Assuming I can use this list to get the new ID/Student Number, is
there any way at all I can do a bulk update?

3) If I do a bulk update of ID/Student Numbers, what, if anything, is
likely to break?  Note that we are going from 9-digit to 8-digit
numbers, so duplication shouldn't be an issue.

Thanks for you help,


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