[LON-CAPA-admin] password authentication failure

Nathan Schoenack nathan.schoenack at ndsu.nodak.edu
Tue Dec 16 11:26:02 EST 2003

Hi Guy,

Your diagnosis was exactly right.  Thanks for the solution!  It works fine


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Hi Nathan,

> 	Our LON-CAPA server is up and running and the main page is accessible,
> I am unable to log in to it either as myself or as domain coordinator.
> There seems to be something wrong with the password authentication; we use
> the internally authenticated regime for passwords (no kerberos or anything
> like that).
> 	Does anybody have a suggestion on how to "reset" the password
> authentication?

I have a guess here as to what the real problem is. can cause loncnew to start spewing into lonc_errors and fill
the harddrive.

do a df on /home

If it is full, stop loncapa the rough way

killall -9 loncnew
killall -9 lond

remove the lonc_errors file

rm /home/httpd/perl/logs/lonc_errors

check that you have space now

df /home

and restart the daemons (I will suggest using the oriinal lonc for now

/etc/init.d/loncontrol stop
/etc/init.d/loncontrol startold

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