[LON-CAPA-admin] rpm status e-mails

Scott Harrison sharrison at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Nov 15 13:28:51 EST 2002

Dear All:

CURRENTLY, bleeding edge installs (using the most recent source code)
will cause lonAdmEmail and lonSysEmail to be emailed about
the state of RPMs on their system (daily at 3:10 am).

HOWEVER, it might be nice if you weren't emailed when your
RPMs are up-to-date.

HOWEVER+HOWEVER, this could lead to false perceptions that a
system is up-to-date when in fact sendmail is broken.

THEREFORE-(HOWEVER*2), given the importance of up-to-date RPMs,
the best I can do is change the e-mail header to indicate
everything is happy when it is happy related to the
CHECKRPMS --cronmail option...I will do this today.


Scott Harrison, sharrison at users.sourceforge.net

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