[LON-CAPA-admin] notes on backing up and restoring

Guy Albertelli II guy at albertelli.com
Thu Nov 14 12:51:24 EST 2002


>    large-yet-small files.  For instance, perhaps we generate
>    multiple archive files which are <750Mb; these multiple archive
>    files simple contain mutually exclusive sets of different files
>    related to the same backup attempt.

cpio seems to not have good support for this.

tar can do this:

tar c -v -M -L 700000 -f test.tar -F ~/unique.tar.pl .

while() {
   if (!(-e "test.$i.tar")) {
      `mv test.tar test.$i.tar`;

And dump has 
 -M      Enable the multi-volume feature. The name specified with -f is
         treated as a prefix and dump writes in sequence to <prefix>001,
         <prefix>002 etc. This can be useful when dumping to files on an
         ext2 partition, in order to bypass the 2GB file size limitation.

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