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Huckleberry, David W dhuckleb at purdue.edu
Thu Aug 9 11:27:31 EDT 2018

The problem we run into with using the spreadsheet is that the grade sync to Blackboard won't take anything that is calculated in there, it only pulls the awarded total.

What if you could get the tries and awarddetails info back from the radiobuttonresponse.pm, then do something that multiples by the awarddetails based on number of tries?

I have no idea how to code that, but just thinking logically.


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The only ways I know how to do this are via CustomResponse as it sounds like you're already doing OR using the Lon-Capa gradebook, which we have experimented with a bit but have not sustained.  It's powerful but challenging to get used to I think is a fair statement.  There are no doubt others on the list though who have mastered the gradebook and use it to great advantage who can hopefully contribute guidance if you'd like to explore that direction.


Douglas Mills
Director of Instructional Technology
Department of Chemistry
University of Illinois

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Subject: [LON-CAPA-users] Partial Credit for multiple tries

I have a faculty member that wants to implement the following:

On a multiple choice question
Correct in 1 attempt = 100% credit
Correct in 2 attempts = 75% credit
Correct in 3 attempts = 50% credit
Incorrect = 0% credit

We do something like this in Math, but on Customresponse questions and they use customgraders as well.

Does anyone have an example of making this happen in just a simple M\C problem?

I am decent at reverse engineering, but need a lead.


David W Huckleberry
Coordinator of Digtial Instruction
Department of Physics & Astronomy
Physics 176
dhuckleb at purdue.edu<mailto:dhuckleb at purdue.edu>

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