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Sat Sep 24 14:05:14 EDT 2016

raeburn		Sat Sep 24 18:05:14 2016 EDT

  Modified files:              
  - Document availability of directory search settings for institutional
    directory, and also for LON-CAPA domain directory.
Index: loncom/html/adm/help/tex/Domain_Configuration_InstDirectory_Search.tex
diff -u loncom/html/adm/help/tex/Domain_Configuration_InstDirectory_Search.tex:1.4 loncom/html/adm/help/tex/Domain_Configuration_InstDirectory_Search.tex:1.5
--- loncom/html/adm/help/tex/Domain_Configuration_InstDirectory_Search.tex:1.4	Mon Sep  5 01:46:13 2016
+++ loncom/html/adm/help/tex/Domain_Configuration_InstDirectory_Search.tex	Sat Sep 24 18:05:14 2016
@@ -11,7 +11,12 @@
 ID. This latter mode of use is appropriate when adding a new user
-Settings for directory searches are: 
+Settings for directory searches apply either to institutional directory
+searches or to LON-CAPA domain searches.  
+\item Institutional Directory searches
 \item Set institutional directory searches as available or unavailable in the domain
@@ -22,11 +27,21 @@
 \item Set which types of search method - username, last name or last name,first
 name are allowed for institutional searches
 \item Set which types of search latitude - exact match, begins with or contains
-- are allowed
+- are allowed.
+\item LON-CAPA Domain searches
 \item Set whether accounts within the LON-CAPA domain itself can be searched by
-users with privileges to add users to a course.
+users with privileges to add users to a course, or as co-authors, or to a domain. 
+All types of search method and all types of search latitude will be available 
+for LON-CAPA domain searches.
 \item Set whether users from other domains can search within a LON-CAPA domain.
 In the case of a {}``contains'' type search at least
 three characters must be entered by the user as the search term. Searches
 are case insensitive.

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