[LON-CAPA-cvs] cvs: loncom /lonnet/perl lonnet.pm

raeburn raeburn at source.lon-capa.org
Sun Apr 19 16:34:25 EDT 2015

raeburn		Sun Apr 19 20:34:25 2015 EDT

  Modified files:              
    /loncom/lonnet/perl	lonnet.pm 
  - Reinstate documentation changes for allowed() in 1.1281, unintentionally
    removed in rev. 1.1282.
Index: loncom/lonnet/perl/lonnet.pm
diff -u loncom/lonnet/perl/lonnet.pm:1.1283 loncom/lonnet/perl/lonnet.pm:1.1284
--- loncom/lonnet/perl/lonnet.pm:1.1283	Wed Apr 15 18:56:19 2015
+++ loncom/lonnet/perl/lonnet.pm	Sun Apr 19 20:34:25 2015
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
 # The LearningOnline Network
 # TCP networking package
-# $Id: lonnet.pm,v 1.1283 2015/04/15 18:56:19 raeburn Exp $
+# $Id: lonnet.pm,v 1.1284 2015/04/19 20:34:25 raeburn Exp $
 # Copyright Michigan State University Board of Trustees
@@ -13052,13 +13052,29 @@
 =item *
-allowed($priv,$uri,$symb,$role) : check for a user privilege; returns codes for allowed actions
+allowed($priv,$uri,$symb,$role,$clientip,$noblockcheck) : check for a user privilege; 
+returns codes for allowed actions.
+The first argument is required, all others are optional.
+$priv is the privilege being checked.
+$uri contains additional information about what is being checked for access (e.g.,
+URL, course ID etc.). 
+$symb is the unique resource instance identifier in a course; if needed,
+but not provided, it will be retrieved via a call to &symbread(). 
+$role is the role for which a priv is being checked (only used if priv is evb). 
+$clientip is the user's IP address (only used when checking for access to portfolio 
+$noblockcheck, if true, skips calls to &has_comm_blocking() for the bre priv. This 
+prevents recursive calls to &allowed.
  F: full access
  U,I,K: authentication modes (cxx only)
  '': forbidden
  1: user needs to choose course
  2: browse allowed
  A: passphrase authentication needed
+ B: access temporarily blocked because of a blocking event in a course.
 =item *

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