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  help file for authoring space search function added in lonpubdir.pm 1.161

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This search function allows you to look for resources in your authoring space. It searchs not only the current directory but also other directories in the authoring space you have access to. Search results will be shown in two tables. The first is the one you see every time you enter the authroing space. If you type in a search term it will shrink and only show matching entries. If resources in other locations are found a second table will be created underneath. You can see which folder the files are in and can easily access the file or open it in an editor.
To narrow down your search results you can enable the usage of \textbf{regular expressions} by clicking on the corresponding checkbox. This will allow you to use more complex search patterns:
\item{You want to search for resources that start with 'math' but dont have 'math' in the middle of a word. Type '\textbf{^math}'.}
\item{You want to list all html pages and jpg files in your authoring space. Just type "\textbf{html|jpg}"}

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