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  - Domain configuration documentation: help settings.  

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Currently there is a single option which can be set via a 
Domain's Help Settings configuration screen. Additional options will
be added in the future.

For now, a choice can be made whether to include display of a link to 
LON-CAPA's bug reporting system -- \emph{http://bugs.loncapa.org/} -- to
logged in users who have an authoring or course coordination 
role in the system.

If enabled, a link is displayed in two places:


\item In the help menu at the top of the help screen accesed via the 
\underbar{Help} link at the top of a LON-CAPA page.

\item At the bottom of the web display for contextual help, as a
\underbar{Report a documentation bug} link.


The default is to display the link to the bug reporting system.

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