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  - Add item for checkforupdates.pl
  - Update item for CHECKRPMS with expanded list of utilities used by the different
    supported distros.
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 re-evaluated by loncron, in case some machines had become unavailable
 within the last 24 hours, and had therefore been flagged as temporarily
+\item \emph{/home/httpd/perl/checkforupdates.pl} run daily at 4.10 am 
+retrieves checksums/versions for LON-CAPA perl modules and perl script
+files for the version of LON-CAPA on your server, from the authoritative
+server(s) in the LON-CAPA cluster to which your domain belongs. If 
+discrepancies are found (version and/or checksum) for installed files,
+or if files are missing, or extra (now obsolete) files are present this will
+be recorded in a log file, and also sent in an e-mail to recipients specified 
+for the domain.  The availability of a newer release of LON-CAPA on
+the install site -- \emph{http://install.loncapa.org/} -- will also be checked,
+and notification will be icluded in the e-mail if LON-CAPA should be updated. 
 \item \emph{/usr/local/loncapa/bin/CHECKRPMS} runs every other day at 3.10
 am. This file automates the process of checking for available updates
 to LON-CAPA systems. The distprobe script, installed as a part of
 LON-CAPA, is used to determine the Linux distribution installed on
 the server, which in turn dictates which utility (yum, up2date, you
-or rug) is called to perform the package check.
+rug, apt-get or zypper) is called to perform the package check.
 \item \emph{/home/httpd/perl/searchcat.pl} run every other day at 1.10 am
 traverses the LON-CAPA resource directory in a domain and gathers
 metadata which are entered into a SQL database. The script will repopulate

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