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Mon Sep 9 16:57:54 EDT 2013

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    /loncom/html/adm/help/tex	Tolerance.tex 
  - Fix typo.
  - $<$ used for less than.
Index: loncom/html/adm/help/tex/Tolerance.tex
diff -u loncom/html/adm/help/tex/Tolerance.tex:1.5 loncom/html/adm/help/tex/Tolerance.tex:1.6
--- loncom/html/adm/help/tex/Tolerance.tex:1.5	Mon Jul  8 03:29:27 2013
+++ loncom/html/adm/help/tex/Tolerance.tex	Mon Sep  9 20:57:54 2013
@@ -45,12 +45,12 @@
 as generated in the script block, according to the
 format attribute in the numericalresponse tag.
-Next, the formatted compuer answer is "graded" relative to the significant 
+Next, the formatted comptuer answer is "graded" relative to the significant 
 figures parameter, if it is set (see section \ref{Significant_Figures}. 
 If that test was passed, then a numerical comparison of the Computer's
 answer is made with the range of values:
-(\$computerAnswer - \$tolerance) < \$formattedcomputerAnswer <
+(\$computerAnswer - \$tolerance) $<$ \$formattedcomputerAnswer $<$
 (\$computerAnswer + \$tolerance)
 If the \$formattedcomputerAnswer satisfies the permitted range, then

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