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    /loncom/html/adm/help/tex	Authoring_Input_Tags.tex 
  BZ 838 Document the spellcheck attribute of the textfield and textline tags.
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diff -u loncom/html/adm/help/tex/Authoring_Input_Tags.tex:1.2 loncom/html/adm/help/tex/Authoring_Input_Tags.tex:1.3
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+++ loncom/html/adm/help/tex/Authoring_Input_Tags.tex	Mon Sep 24 10:48:34 2012
@@ -15,3 +15,10 @@
 line input element. It accepts one attribute \textbf{size} which controls
 the width of the textline, defaulting to 20.
+Both the \textbf{textfield} and \textbf{textline} input tags support a \textbf{spellceck}
+attribute.   If present, the text the user types is spellchecked when focus leaves the input 
+field.   The value of this attribute specifies the language in which the spellceck is performed.
+e.g. \textbf{<textfield spellcheck='en' />}  creates a text field that is spellchecked in 
+English while \textbf{<textline spellcheck='de' />} creates a text field that is spellchecked 
+in German.

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