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 Math Response is a way to have a problem graded based on an algorithm that is executed inside of a computer algebra system. 
-The use of this response type is
-generally discouraged, since the responses will not be analyzable by the LON-CAPA statistics tools.
+It is extremely powerful, as it tests answers for conditions rather than agreement with a particular correct answer. An unfortunate
+byproduct, however, is that it cannot be analyzed by several of the LON-CAPA statistics tools.
 Which computer algebra system is to be used is specified in the cas argument of the mathresponse tag; currently, only Maxima is available.
 LON-CAPA sets up two arrays inside the computer algebra system: RESPONSE and LONCAPALIST. RESPONSE contains the student input by component, for example, if "3,42,17" is entered, RESPONSE[2] would be 42. LONCAPALIST contains the arguments passed in the args of mathresponse.

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