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 The \textbf{curve} tag is where you set the data to be plotted by gnuplot.
-The following parameters may be set:
+The following parameters may be present in the \textbf{curve} tag and allow
+access to most of the formatting parameters for a curve in gnuplot.
-\item color of curve
+\item color
 The color of the curve on the plot. See \textbf{Selecting Colors} 
-\item name of curve to appear in key
+\item name
 If a key is present, the name of the curve will appear with a sample of its
 line type.
-\item line style
+\item linestyle
 See the section on line styles \ref{Authoring_Dynamic_Plot_Linestyle} for
 more information about the available line styles and their data requirements.
-\item line type
+\item linetype
 The type of line.  Current options include 'solid' and 'dashed'.  At this time, all dashed lines draw with line width of '1' in web output.  This parameter may not apply to all linestyles.
-\item line width
+\item linewidth
 The thickness of the line drawn by plotting engine.  This parameter may not apply to all linestyles.
-\item point type
+\item pointtype
 This parameter may not apply to all linestyles.
-\item point size
+\item pointsize
 This parameter may not apply to all linestyles.  The size of the points, in
 pixels, present on the line.  Some point types are not affected by this
+\item  limit 
+This parameter controls the pont to fill for fillled curves.
+\item arrowhead
+For vector plots, controls where in the vector the arrow head(s) appear
+\item arrowstyle
+For vector plots controls the fill style of the arrow.
+\item arrowlength
+For vector plots determines the distance between the vector line end and the tip
+of the arrow.
+\item arrowangle
+For vector plots, determines the angle the arrow branches make with the 
+vector line.
+\item arrowbackangle
+For vector plots, determines the angle the arrow lines that return to the
+main line from the branches make with the arrow branches.
 There are two ways of entering the information to be plotted, which are 

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