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    /doc/build	upgrade.frag 
  - Updating documentation from the pre-Fedora days, where RedHat was actually referring to RedHat 7.2 (and earlier), and packages were assumed to always be RPMs.
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diff -u doc/build/upgrade.frag:1.4 doc/build/upgrade.frag:1.5
--- doc/build/upgrade.frag:1.4	Fri Sep  2 18:49:25 2005
+++ doc/build/upgrade.frag	Wed Jan 18 21:43:51 2012
@@ -34,14 +34,12 @@
 <a name="checkrpms" />
-<h3>Checking your Linux RPMs</h3>
+<h3>Checking your Linux packages</h3> 
+<p>Checking RPMs (RedHat, CentOS, Scientific Linux, SLES, openSuSE, Fedora) or debs (Ubuntu LTS, Debian)</p>
-If you are using RedHat, the <strong>CHECKRPMS</strong> command will check the RPMs on your machine
-against an FTP repository. Otherwise, you may need to update software
+The <strong>/usr/local/loncapa/bin/CHECKRPMS</strong> command will check that packages (rpms or debs, as appropriate for your distro) are up to date, by checking with the appropriate package repository.
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