[LON-CAPA-cvs] cvs: loncom / includepsheader.ps

foxr foxr@source.lon-capa.org
Mon, 23 Mar 2009 10:10:11 -0000

foxr		Mon Mar 23 10:10:11 2009 EDT

  Added files:                 
    /loncom	includepsheader.ps 
  Postscript additional header to support postscript job inclusion.
  gets installed in /home/httpd/lib

Index: loncom/includepsheader.ps
+++ loncom/includepsheader.ps
% Written by Helge Blischke, see
% http://groups.google.com/groups?ic=1&selm=3964A684.49D%40srz-berlin.de
% The following 2 procs encapsulate the jobs to be processed
% much as is done with EPS images:
        /tweak_save save def
        /tweak_dc countdictstack def
        /tweak_oc count 1 sub def
        userdict begin
}bind def

        count tweak_oc sub{pop}repeat
        countdictstack tweak_dc sub{end}repeat
        tweak_save restore
}bind def