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jms jms@source.lon-capa.org
Fri, 30 Jan 2009 15:35:34 -0000

jms		Fri Jan 30 15:35:34 2009 EDT

  Modified files:              
    /loncom/homework/templates	simple.task 
  Underscores removed from simple.task template as they had been causing errors when creating new bridge tasks.
Index: loncom/homework/templates/simple.task
diff -u loncom/homework/templates/simple.task:1.1 loncom/homework/templates/simple.task:1.2
--- loncom/homework/templates/simple.task:1.1	Thu May  3 15:38:13 2007
+++ loncom/homework/templates/simple.task	Fri Jan 30 15:35:34 2009
@@ -6,21 +6,21 @@
     <endouttext />
-	<Question Mandatory="yes" id="question_1" OptionalRequired="0">
+	<Question Mandatory="yes" id="question-1" OptionalRequired="0">
     <startouttext />
 This is the question/description of the task. <br/>
 Write a story about John's trip to the park
     <endouttext />
-<Criteria Mandatory="yes" id="q1_criteria1">
+<Criteria Mandatory="yes" id="q1-criteria1">
         <startouttext />
 This is the first mandatory criteria. Student handed in a word document titled john went to the park
         <endouttext />
-<Criteria Mandatory="yes" id="q1_criteria2">
+<Criteria Mandatory="yes" id="q1-criteria2">
         <startouttext />
 This is the second mandatory criteria. Student's story make sense