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Courses can be configured to permit self-enrollment. Settings are
available for the following:

\item Types and affiliations of users who can self-enroll
\item Restrict self-enrollment to students who are listed as officially
registered for the course in institutional course roster(s) for sections
of the course or for crosslisted courses.
\item Opening date/time for self-enrollment and closing date/time.
\item Starting and ending dates for access to the course for users who self-enroll. 
\item Assign a specific section to users who self-enroll
When self-enrollment is set up a warning will be displayed if the
course is not listed in any course catalogs available in the domain.
Guidance on how to get the curse listed will also be provided if a
warning is displayed.

If a course is listed in a catalog users when viewing the course catalog
will be able to search for the course (there is a checkbox to restrict
courses listed in the catalog display to just those courses for which
self-enrollment is available). If such courses exist the list of courses
will displayed will include self-enroll link for each course. Users
can reach the course catalog from the Main Menu screen, and also for
the roles page. Course Coordinators and other users with advanced
roles in the system can also reach the course catalog in the same
way, although the link on the roles page is less prominent for these
types of user.

A user must be logged into LON-CAPA in order to self-enroll in a course.
However, if your domain permits it, users may be able to create a
LON-CAPA account, and log-in if your domain permits this. Most commonly
self-creation of accounts is permitted where a user can authenticate
with a username and password assigned by your institution to access
online services provided by the institution. If a user clicks the
{}``self-enroll in course'' link from the catalog, and needs to
create an account, once the account creation step is completed successfully,
the user will proceed automatically to self-enrollment in the course,
assuming the user meets any restrictions set for self-enrollment in
the particular course.