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 Auto-enrollment settings for each course consist of items set by a
 Domain Coordinator within the \char`\"{}Modify Course\char`\"{} area,
-and those items set in a course context from the \char`\"{}\underbar{Automated
-Enrollment Manager}\char`\"{} link in the \char`\"{}Manage Users\char`\"{}
+and those items set in a course context from the 
+\char`\"{}\underbar{Automated Enrollment Manager}\char`\"{} 
+link in the \char`\"{}Manage Users\char`\"{}
 menu. This link is only displayed if auto-enrollment has been set
 to be active in the domain.
@@ -44,7 +45,7 @@
 the username and domain of the course owner.
 Settings which control auto-enrollment which are modifiable by a Course
-Coordinator are described in the \underbar{Automated Enrollment help page}.
+Coordinator are described in the \ref{Course_Automated_Enrollment} help page.
 The auto-enrollment process will update user information (name, e-mail
 address, studentID etc.) for any student who is being added to the