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  date functions now take partid
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 \&check\_status(\$partid) &Returns a number identifing the current status of a part. True values mean that a part is ``done'' (either unanswerable because of tries exhaustion, or correct) or a false value if a part can still be attempted. If \$part is unspecfied, it will check either the current $<$part$>$'s status or if outside of a $<$part$>$, check the status of previous $<$part$>$. The full set of return codes are: 'undef' means it is unattempted, 0 means it is attmpted and wrong but still has tries, 1 means it is marked correct, 2 means they have exceed maximum number of tries, 3 means it after the answer date\\
-\&open\_date(), \&due\_date(), \&answer\_date()  & Problem open date, due date and answer date. The time is also included in 24-hr format. \\
+\&open\_date(\$partid), \&due\_date(\$partid), \&answer\_date(\$partid)  & Problem open date, due date and answer date. The time is also included in 24-hr format. \\
 Not implemented  & Get and set the random seed. \\
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 \item class(), sec() 
 \item name(), firstname(), lastname(), student\_number()
 \item check\_status(partid)
-\item open\_date(), due\_date(), answer\_date() 
+\item open\_date(partid), due\_date(partid), answer\_date(partid) 
 \item sub\_string() 
 \item array\_moments(array) 
 \item format(x,y),prettyprint(x,y,target),dollarformat(x,target)