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Mon, 21 Apr 2008 17:11:30 -0000

raeburn		Mon Apr 21 13:11:30 2008 EDT

  Added files:                 
    /loncom/homework	default_scantronformat.tab 

  Modified files:              
    /doc/loncapafiles	loncapafiles.lpml 
  - default_scantronformat.tab added.
  - Standard LON-CAPA scantron formats tab file, which may differ from a local (customized) version (which is named scantronformat.tab).
  - As scantron format file management has moved to "Domain Configuration" interface, a default format file is required in case a DC removes the custom file.
Index: doc/loncapafiles/loncapafiles.lpml
diff -u doc/loncapafiles/loncapafiles.lpml:1.582 doc/loncapafiles/loncapafiles.lpml:1.583
--- doc/loncapafiles/loncapafiles.lpml:1.582	Mon Apr 21 05:29:02 2008
+++ doc/loncapafiles/loncapafiles.lpml	Mon Apr 21 13:11:18 2008
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
 <!-- loncapafiles.lpml -->
-<!-- $Id: loncapafiles.lpml,v 1.582 2008/04/21 09:29:02 foxr Exp $ -->
+<!-- $Id: loncapafiles.lpml,v 1.583 2008/04/21 17:11:18 raeburn Exp $ -->
@@ -1807,6 +1807,14 @@
+<target dist='default'>home/httpd/lonTabs/default_scantronformat.tab</target>
+<categoryname>static conf</categoryname>
+Default configurations for scantron input files.
 <target dist='default'>home/httpd/lonTabs/packages.tab</target>
 <categoryname>static conf</categoryname>

Index: loncom/homework/default_scantronformat.tab
+++ loncom/homework/default_scantronformat.tab
#name:description:CODE type:CODEstart:CODElength:IDstart:IDlength:Qstart:Qlength:Qoff:Qon:PaperID:PaperIDlength:FirstName:FirstNamelength:LastName:LastNamelength
#CODE type can be either 'none' 'letter' 'number' 
#Qon can be either the symbol that says a bubble has been selected,
#    'letter' (for when the selected letter appears, or
#     'number' for when a number indicating the selected letter appears
msunocode:MSU without any CODE:none:0:0:57:9:77:10: :1:5:5:51:1:41:10
msucode:MSU with CODE in separate location:letter:69:6:57:9:77:10: :1:5:5:51:1:41:10
#msucodelet:MSU with CODE in separate location (letter format):-1:69:6:57:9:77:1: :letter:5:5:51:1:41:10
#msucodenum:MSU with CODE in separate location (number format):-1:69:6:57:9:77:1: :number:5:5:51:1:41:10
#need updating:
#msucodequest:MSU with CODE in first 6 questions:6:0:0:57:9:77:1012