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 \item \textbf{url}\index{url}: url to submit the answer form to. It does
 not need to be a LON-CAPA machine.
-\item \textbf{answer}\index{answer}:  string or scalar variable that can
-encode something that should encode the correct answer. In some cases,
-this may be nothing. 
+\item \textbf{answer}\index{answer}: data to post in the form element 
+\texttt{LONCAPA\_correct\_answer} to the remote site.
 \item \textbf{form}\index{form}: hash variable name that will be submitted
 to the remote site as a HTTP form.
+The form sent will consist of
+\item \textbf{LONCAPA\_student\_response} full text of
+what the student entered in the entry field
+\item \textbf{LONCAPA\_correct\_answer} contents of the answer
+\item \textbf{LONCAPA\_language} specified language encoding
+of the requesting resource
+\item \textbf{all items in the form attribute} if any of these clash with the
+above, the above values will overwite the value in the form attribute
 The response of the remote server needs to be in XML as follows: 
 \item \textbf{loncapagrade}\index{loncapagrade}: takes no attributes, but
 must surround the response.
-\item \textbf{awardetail}\index{awardetail}: required. The delimited text
+\item \textbf{awarddetail}\index{awarddetail}: required. The delimited text
 inside must be one of the detailed results that appears in the data
 storage documentation. CVS:loncapa/doc/homework/datastorage, look
 for \textbf{resource.partid.responseid.awarddetail}.
@@ -28,7 +40,7 @@
 the student.
 Example: \begin{verbatim} <loncapagrade>
-    <awardetail>INCORRECT</awardetail>
+    <awarddetail>INCORRECT</awarddetail>
 A message to be shown to the students