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Fri, 07 Sep 2007 21:26:59 -0000

albertel		Fri Sep  7 17:26:59 2007 EDT

  Added files:                 
    /modules/albertel	get_access_times.pl 
  - adding script to list all started timings in a course

Index: modules/albertel/get_access_times.pl
+++ modules/albertel/get_access_times.pl
use strict;
use Time::HiRes;
use lib '/home/httpd/lib/perl';
use Apache::loncommon();
use Apache::lonnet;
use Apache::lonuserstate();
use Apache::lonnavmaps();
use Apache::loncoursedata();
use Getopt::Long;

my ($course_id,$username,$domain,$help);

sub get_opts {
    &GetOptions("courseid=s"   => \$course_id,
		"username=s"   => \$username,
		"domain=s"     => \$domain,
		"help"         => \$help);
    if ($help || (!$course_id || !$username || !$domain)) {
	print <<END;

Produces a listing of all resources that have Timer starts, in order
of time started. and the username of the user starting the timer.

Usage is:
 --username=<username> --domain=<domain> --courseid=<courseid>

username domain is for a CC in the course, courseid should be the
internal course id of the course.


sub main {

    my $home = &Apache::lonnet::homeserver($username,$domain);
    die("$username $domain has no home") if ($home eq 'no_host');
    my $cookie = 
	&Apache::loncommon::init_user_environment(undef, $username, $domain,
					          $home, undef,
						  {'robot' => 
    die("$cookie") if ($cookie =~ 'error:');

    my ($furl,$ferr) = 
    die("$ferr") if ($ferr ne '');

    my %access_by_symb;
    my $classlist = &Apache::loncoursedata::get_classlist();
    my $total = scalar(keys(%{ $classlist }));
    my $i=0;
    print("Processing classlist\n");
    foreach my $student (sort(keys(%{ $classlist }))) {
	my ($suname, $sudom) = split(/:/,$student);
	my %data = &Apache::lonnet::dump('firstaccesstimes',
	next if (&Apache::lonnet::error(%data));
	foreach my $which (keys(%data)) {
	    my (undef,$symb) = split("\0", $which);
	    push(@{ $access_by_symb{$symb} }, [$suname,$data{$which}]);
    foreach my $symb (sort(keys(%access_by_symb))) {
	print("--- $symb\n");
	my @all_access = 
	    sort {$a->[1] <=> $b->[1]} (@{ $access_by_symb{$symb} });
	foreach my $access (@all_access) {
	    printf("%10s on %s\n",$access->[0],