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+Usually, you will set things like open dates, due dates, etc, using Parameters, will affect all students in a course or in a particular section.
+There are however situations where you want students to schedule themselves into certain ``slots (or windows) of availability'' for a set of resources. An example would be that students can schedule themselves into certain laboratory or exam times and rooms, and you want the students to only access a set of resources when they are there (for example, by in addition setting IP-restrictions).
+With slots, you can accomplish this. Slots can not only manage availability, but also deal with limited capacity (for example, room or lecture hall seating limits). So, if you are running an open lab in a number of rooms, LON-CAPA can do the scheduling for you.
 A course coordinator can add slots, by pressing \textbf{parm} (Managing Parameters) on the main menu and then clicking on the link Managing Slots. The link will guide you to a page showing all available slots. You can control which slots to show based on opening date, as well as what slot information to show.