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  Added directions to set loncontrol to start on boot, and to preserve Novell registration information so CHECKRPMS is able to run.  Also domain coordinator creation script itself now creates user, group and home directory.
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@@ -209,6 +209,12 @@
 You will need to enter the LON-CAPA configuration information you determined 
 in the previous section.  
+<p>After installing LON-CAPA, and taking any actions included in the WARNINGS file created during installation, it is recommended that you set loncontrol to start automatically on boot, by executing the following command:</p>
+/sbin/chkconfig --level 345 loncontrol on
+<h3>Updating packages</h3>
+<p>Start yast and use "Online Update" to check for updates to installed packages. When prompted for the username and password for your account with Novell, you should check the box to retain your log-in information, otherwise the nightly update check, installed as part of the LON-CAPA install, will fail and send you a message "ERROR(Media:login failed)" each time it runs.</p>
 <h2>Creating a Domain Coordinator</h2>
 You will need at least one user at your site who has the role of
@@ -223,16 +229,11 @@
 cd /root/loncapa-N.N/loncom/build
 perl make_domain_coordinator.pl USERNAME DOMAIN
-mkdir ~USERNAME
-mkdir ~USERNAME/public_html
-chown USERNAME:www ~USERNAME/public_html
-chmod 0775 ~USERNAME/public_html
-chmod a+x ~USERNAME
 <h2>Start/Restart Services</h2>
 The LON-CAPA network services take a moment to start.  Most misconfigurations
-will be appearant at this step.
+will be apparent at this step.
 /etc/init.d/loncontrol start