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-\item Select a resource.
-\item Click \textbf{PRT} on the Remote Control or Inline Menu to access the Print Helper.
+\item The [PRT] button will only be accessible when you are looking at one of your resources for your course.
+\item Click \textbf{PRT} to access the Print Helper, which will help your create a PDF document.
 The Print helper will guide you through the process of preparing a PDF
 document of the resource. If you see error message when trying to prepare a PDF file, 
-then you will need to contact the author of the problem which has the printing error.
+then you will need to contact the author of the problem which contains that printing error.
 Printing involves a translation of your XML file into LaTeX and from there to PDF.   
 Some of the XML tags have a set of special print options. \ref{Print_Options}
-The translation requires some special considerations on your part as well.
+Sometimes translations require special considerations.