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 \item In the Location bar of your browser, type in the full URL of the new Content
 Page. Make sure the last part of the URL ends with {}``.html'', for example,
-\emph{http://s10.lite.msu.edu/priv/username/new\_resource.html} .\\
+\emph{http://(your library server)/priv/username/new\_resource.html} .\\
 Press the Return or Enter key.
 \item Type the content into the editor, \emph{OR} copy and paste HTML source code
 obtained through the use of some other HTML authoring program into the editor.
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 Numerical Response problems can require units. In the problem editing form,
 place the desired unit in the \textbf{Unit} field. For information about
-what units the system accepts, see http://capa4.lite.msu.edu/demolibrary/Links/UnitsSymbolsT2.html.
+what units the system accepts, see \ref{Physical_Units}.
 The computer will accept the answer in any of its accepted unit formats.
 For example, if the answer to a problem is {}``1ft'', the computer will
 accept {}``12in'' as correct.