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  Minor change suggested by Gerd, plus removal of offer to mail CDs to people.
  And I added a bit about running CHECKRPMS.
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 <title>Setting up a Red Hat7.3 LON-CAPA Server</title>
-<!-- $Id: new_install_rh73.html,v 1.10 2002/07/22 14:23:04 harris41 Exp $ -->
+<!-- $Id: new_install_rh73.html,v 1.11 2002/12/19 17:41:08 matthew Exp $ -->
 <h1>Setting up a Red Hat 7.3 LON-CAPA Server</h1>
 <h2>Integrated installation</h2>
@@ -43,9 +43,7 @@
 <h2>Obtain the Red Hat 7.3 installation CDs</h2>
-If you like, you may contact the LON-CAPA development staff and we can
-mail the CDs to you.  Another option is to download the cd images and 
-burn them yourself, or install from a mirror site using ftp or http.
+These are freely available on the internet.
 <h2>Determine Network settings for your site</h2>
@@ -207,7 +205,7 @@
 appropriate user name and your domain.
-cd /root/loncapa/loncom/build
+cd /root/loncapa-N.N/loncom/build
 perl make_domain_coordinator.pl USERNAME DOMAIN
 mkdir ~USERNAME/public_html
@@ -218,13 +216,32 @@
 <h2>Start/Restart Services</h2>
-The services take about 10 minutes to start.
+The LON-CAPA network services take about a minute to start.
 /etc/init.d/loncontrol start
 /etc/init.d/httpd restart
+<h2>Update your system</h2>
+It is very important that you update your LON-CAPA system to use the
+latest packages.  LON-CAPA uses CHECKRPMS to notify users their system
+needs updating.  
+cd /usr/local/loncapa/bin;
+CHECKRPMS will give you the option of downloading the updates you need.
+Say yes.  Then issue the following commands:
+cd /tmp/loncapa_rpm_updates'
+rpm -Uvh *
+Congratulate yourself - your system is up to date.  Please do your best to
+keep it that way!
 <h2>Make Sure that Services Autostart on Boot</h2>
 <p>On Redhat 7.3 it is not guaranteed that Apache and MySQL automatically 
 restart on boot.  You should run /usr/sbin/ntsysv and set the following 
@@ -250,3 +267,4 @@