[LON-CAPA-admin] specs for a LON-CAPA library server VM

Curry, William B wbcurry at pitt.edu
Mon Nov 30 10:13:33 EST 2015


We need to spec a LON-CAPA library server that will run as a VM at our Network Operations Center. This will serve approximately 2200 students per term. We can get up to 8 cores and up to 32GB RAM on one of their fast Xeon hosts if we can provide justifications for that capacity. Also we need to give them an estimate of the storage needed for the VM. In addition to this library server we will have at lest one access server, an older machine with 4GB RAM. There will be times when the library server will have to handle the load alone due to some scheduled power outages in the building which houses the access server, so we want to ensure that it will have enough resources to handle it. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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