[LON-CAPA-admin] unable to contact DNS

Bob Gonzales rgonzal at binghamton.edu
Sun Nov 8 10:11:55 EST 2015


After upgrading Centos to 7.1 and Lon-capa to 2.11 this summer I often get
a message like this after a reboot:

Sun Nov  8 09:19:49 2015 (1709): unable to contact DNS defaulting to on
disk file dns_domain.tab

and then I get a lot of messages like this:

Sun Nov  8 09:19:49 2015 (1052): Name s4.lite.msu.edu no IP found

If I restart Lon-capa via  '/etc/init.d/loncontrol restart', the messages
don't appear in lonnet.log but I don't know if the same initialization
happens so that might, or might not, be OK.  The lonnet.log doesn't show
these 'no IP found' messages when loncron does it nightly run the next day
but, again, I don't know if they same initialization happens then either.

I've assumed that it is the result of the name service in Centos not having
finished it's startup before Lon-capa started and that it resolves itself
because I can log in right after the reboot and ping various non-Lon-capa,
and local lon-capa machines by name.  But, since I'm still having some
serious performance issues when high numbers of students log in for a quiz,
I was curious if this is something worth looking into more deeply.

Bob Gonzales
Binghamton University
Chemistry Dept
rgonzal at binghamton.edu
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