[LON-CAPA-admin] Cloning production server for testing purposes

Lucas, Mark lucasm at ohio.edu
Wed Jul 6 10:28:52 EDT 2011

We have a development server that has the hostname oucapa2 and domain ohiou,
the same as our main library server.

Since it is in the development cluster, none of the machines in the production cluster
know of it's existence. It does not interfere or confuse the production cluster.

It has a different IP address than the regular library server and different hosts.tab and domain.tab.

The only real risk is that a student somehow gets logged into the wrong machine by
somehow getting the IP address of the development server (not a high risk in my mind).

At the last meeting we were actually talking about setting up a small cluster in between
development and production, which cloned the full library servers at several of the institutions.
This would provide a close-to-production environment for LC 3.0 testing.

Hope this helps!


On Jul 6, 2011, at 10:02 AM, Stefan Bisitz wrote:

[06.07.2011 16:02 CEST]


To avoid chaos, I want to make sure that my idea works.

I'd like to clone one of our production servers for testing purposes. I
do not need connection to the LON-CAPA cluster but I want to have all
local users, problems and courses as well as the related data.

Is it really okay to "copy" the whole server, configure it as
"standalone" and connect it to the internet? Copy means to process most
of the steps as described on http://loncapa.org/hardwareupgrade.html
which is basically copying the home folder.

Even not connecting it to the internet could mean to have two very
similar servers in the same local network, e.g. domain and host id would
be the same.

Thanks in advance for sharing any doubts,
Stefan Bisitz
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