[LON-CAPA-admin] course problem versions differ between servers

Stuart Raeburn raeburn at msu.edu
Mon Oct 5 15:21:31 EDT 2009


The solution to which you referred:


which described modifying the DOCS sequence is appropriate for  
updating an "uploaded" file (this is the case for a folder (internally  
a .sequence file) modified via DOCS), which for some reason had not  
got updated.  A subsequent post:


discussed the different approaches for "uploaded" and "imported" files.

In the current case you are reporting the file which was updated (and  
republished) on the library server had been imported into a course.  
For this type of "imported" file, LON-CAPA's subscription  
infrastructure plays a role in causing the corresponding replicated  
copy on the access server to get updated. Modifying DOCS will not  
solve the issue; republication should, although LON-CAPA was designed  
to handle this situation without the need for intervention (see below).

It appears that in this case the notification from the library server  
to the access server could not be made at the time of publication  
because the library server was unable to connect to the access server.  
  In that case a delayed message would have been placed in a queue on  
the library server /home/httpd/sockets/delayed/.  Delayed messages in  
the queue should be sent the next time a new connection is  
successfully established between the library server and the access  
server.  This activity is logged in  
/home/httpd/perl/logs/lonnet.perm.log on the library server.

Entries beginning "<timestamp>:D:" are delayed messages, whereas  
entries beginning "<timestamp>:S::sethost:" record when delayed  
messages were successfully sent from the delayed queue.  In both cases  
<timestamp> is the UNIX timestamp when the transaction occurred.

Stuart Raeburn

Quoting Jana C Avery/FS/VCU <jcavery at vcu.edu>:

> Hi,
> We have an instructor who discovered that her students were seeing
> different versions of the same problem, depending on which access server
> they were logged in to.  Our library server and one access server have the
> correct, current version of the problem, but our other access server has
> an older version.   In the course, under "check/set resource versions"
> that the course is set to use the most current version of the problem, but
> that is not what the instructor or the students see when they go to the
> actual problem.  This issue is occurring with several of the problems in
> this course.  Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this?
> I saw a similar issue posted  to this list in June, which mentioned having
> to make some modifications to the DOCS sequence on the library server.  (
> http://mail.lon-capa.org/pipermail/lon-capa-admin/2009-June/002237.html)
> Our primary admin is out today, and we are not sure if or how to do this.
> Any suggestions and assistance would be greatly appreciated.
> Jana Avery
> Learning Systems, Technology Services
> Virginia Commonwealth University
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