[LON-CAPA-admin] yum update

Stefan Bisitz st.bisitz at fh-wolfenbuettel.de
Fri Jul 11 22:12:33 EDT 2008

H.K. Ng wrote:
> yum update on fc 8 seems to complain about a missing dependency
> Error: Missing Dependency: maxima = 5.14.0 is needed by package 
> maxima-runtime-gcl
> However,
> rpm -qa | grep maxima
> maxima-runtime-gcl-5.14.0-4.fc8
> maxima-5.14.0-4.fc8
> shows that both are installed. On the development machine I removed 
> both packages and LONCAPA-prerequisites and did a yum update and 
> then 
> reinstalled LONCAPA-prerequisites but then it did not install the 
> same maxima packages. Instead
> maxima-runtime-sbcl-5.15.0-1.fc8
> maxima-5.15.0-1.fc8
> were installed. Has anyone else run into this problem?
> Thanks,
> -hk


A few days ago, I updated our Fedora 8 servers with yum. I was offered
maxima 5.15.0 packages which I could install without any problems.

Do you still have problems with missing dependencies or are you asking
if it was ok to let the system install the 5.15.0 packages?

Stefan Bisitz

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