[thedump] Research on LON-CAPA - looking for ideas

Mark Lucas lucasm at ohio.edu
Mon Aug 12 12:49:44 EDT 2013


I have a high school teacher who is using LON-CAPA for Physics and Chemistry.
He is also in need of a research project for a Master's Thesis. I have to admit I really
have looked doing research on LON-CAPA.  Does anyone out there have ideas or have
you done research that might help this teacher figure out something?

To quote:
"Are there any aspects of LON-CAPA usage that you would be interested in or areas that you feel warrant a study?  I have been looking at some studies related to cognitive load theory, and the amount of supported feedback given based on incorrect answers, but that feels like a much too intense project for me to do at this time."
"I am thinking more about time spent on homework, and the difference  between doing homework problems for mastery, and cramming for hw quizzes as related to the long term retention and availability of those skills to solve problems in the future."

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