[thedump] LON-CAPA Teachers' Workshop 2010

Stuart Raeburn raeburn@msu.edu
Wed, 26 May 2010 10:30:24 -0400

Hello Teachers,

LON-CAPA training is again being provided to teachers at no cost this  
summer.  This summer's workshop is both for teachers new to LON-CAPA  
and for those experienced with the system.  The workshop will be on  
MSU's campus from Monday, June 21 through Thursday, June 24.  You can  
find details and register for the workshop at:


As in previous years, you have the option of obtaining State Board  
Continuing Education Units by attending LON-CAPA training.  Credits  
earned will be determined by how many training sessions you attend:  
the one-day session for teachers new to LON-CAPA on 6/21 provides 0.6  
credits; while the session on the subsequent two-days (6/22 - 6/23)  
provides 1.2 credits.   The workshop fee and SB-CEU fees are waived  
this year due to external support.

1) Registration deadline is Thursday, June 17th or until the first 25  
teachers register.
2) Deadline to reserve affordable on-campus housing is Friday, June 4.  
See the registration form for details about housing.

For new teachers, the workshop will emphasize all the basic skills  
required to effectively run classes for the 10/11 academic year.  New  
teachers must attend the sessions on Monday, June 21. The goal for new  
teachers is to master sufficient material to be able to use LON-CAPA  
in a class for the coming academic year.

For current users, this is an opportunity to improve authoring skills  
and learn about new features.  Experienced users do not need to attend  
the Monday session, but are welcome to join and help teachers new to  

For both groups, it will be an opportunity to:

1) Meet and exchange ideas with fellow teachers
2) Assemble materials for the forthcoming academic year
3) Earn SB-CEU credits
4) Earn MSU graduate credit. If interested, please contact me for more  

Please communicate this information with your K-12 colleagues in your  
school and at other schools.


Stuart Raeburn, Ph.D.                          helpdesk@loncapa.org
Div. Science & Mathematics Education
Michigan State University
MI 48824 USA