[thedump] Teachers' meeting notes

Felicia Berryman felicia@lon-capa.org
Tue, 23 Jan 2007 13:17:13 -0500

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Hello Teachers,<br>
At the teachers meeting last Friday, I gave a quick presentation on the
new features of 2.3.&nbsp; <br>
  <li><b>Communication blocks can also affect discussion, porfolio,
chat and blogs now</b><br>
If you are giving an online test, you can block all the LON-CAPA
communication features easily.&nbsp; Just go to Main Menu -&gt; COM and
select the option to add a communication block.&nbsp; Make sure to read the
text at the top of the page.&nbsp; Communication blocks student
communication in other classes as well.&nbsp; The student can see which
teacher added the block and tell on you if you overuse this power!&nbsp; :)<br>
Go into a course and at the top of the Inline Menu is a groups link.&nbsp;
This to assign your students into teams or group.&nbsp; After you create a
group, you can set parameters just for a specific group.<br>
  <li><b>Portfolio updates inlcuding search, publishing, and custom
      <li>All students can upload files to their personal portfolio
(Main Menu -&gt; PORT).&nbsp; There are new features to the portfolio in
2.3.&nbsp; <br>
      <li>Students can publish their files publicly and share them with
other students.&nbsp; Instructors can specify the metadata such as keywords
the students have to use to publish their files.&nbsp; <br>
      <li>Students can search other portfolios by going to Main Menu
-&gt; SRCH.&nbsp; <br>
      <li>Use the DOC's dropbox if you want your students to submit a
portfolio file to you for a grade.&nbsp; When you grade them, you can had
the file back to the student with your edits and comments.&nbsp; The student
will then have a record of all versions of the file in the portfolio -
the original graded file, the hand-backed file, and any new versions
they create.</li>
  <li><b>Users can reset password on internal authenticated account if
they have an email address set<br>
    </b>On the log-in screen, students can reset a forgotten password
IF they specified an email address in their preferences.<br>
  <li><b>Can have multiple correct answers for a numericalresponse or
    </b>See my published, open-source example at
/res/msu/felicia/NewFeatures/multiple_answer.problem.&nbsp; This example
lists other examples.<br>
<b>Other Notes:</b><br>
There was much discussion on expanding thedump into complete courses
that teachers can clone.&nbsp;&nbsp; We also decided that the this year's teacher
training will be the last week in June.&nbsp; Finally, there was talk about
using LON-CAPA for elementary math education.&nbsp; See the
multiple-correct-answer example above.&nbsp; The examples this resource
lists are in Ed Kashy's elementary math library.<br>
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